Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I realized last night that if I really want to have a blog.. I actually have to post something!! I feel that my life has been very crazy recently.. Training for my first (real) 10k (I did one back when I was about 15 but I did not take it seriously so I am not counting that one), focusing on eating healthy and learning all I can in the process, and working my full time job. Not to mention spending some quality time with my oh so wonderful husband.
Last night for dinner we had butternut squash ravioli mixed with mushroom ravioli. It was so delicious. I believe it was my husbands favoriteMeatless Monday meal so far.
This morning I prepared my usual breakfast:

It consists of Oikos Greek Yogurt, MaraNatha Almond Butter,homemade granola, and today some strawberries and apple chunks. I mix it together and it looks something like this..

I stir it up before I eat it and it keeps me satisfied for hours, or until lunch!
I look forward to posting a lot more and dedicating myself to this. Hope to have a great Tuesday!! :)

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