Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What a crazy day at work! It was just nonstop all day long. Those days always go by very quickly but I am so tired by the end of it. Lunch was gobbled down rather quickly when I had a few minutes of quiet. I had a salad with fresh veggies and tempeh! It was quite delicious. I had a pear as well. Tonight we are going to dinner at Al Di La, which is a Northern Italian Trattoria in Charleston. We have never been but we hear it is wonderful.
When I first committed myself to healthy eating (really not that long ago!), I found it difficult to watch my co-workers eat take-out for lunch while I ate my healthy wrap or salad. But honestly, now.. I do not envy them at all. I will occasionally sneak a french fry but overall, I know how much better my food is for my body and I truly enjoy it.
Today is stretching and strengthening day for my 10K training so I need to get to it before our dinner reservations!

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