Monday, October 12, 2009

Staying Positive

Today started a little rough but I think it turned out to be a pretty good day. For breakfast, I decided to make some oatmeal with Almond Breeze, almond butter, some flax, rolled oats, half of a banana, a few pear slices and some shredded coconut. It was so delicious and very filling. I also had coffee.. I know, I know, it is not Christmas yet but I love my little Santa head mug so much!

The oatmeal doesn't look as delicious as it was! Lunch was devoured in quite a hurry today but I had a salad with barbecue tofu, broccoli and carrots. I had some pita chips as well on the side!
After work, since the weather was so nasty, I decided to lace up my shoes and hop on my treadmill and run my 2.5 miles, per my training plan.

When I was done, my husband got home and followed my lead and ran his 2.5.
Today, for Meatless Monday, we had a repeat of last week and had squash ravioli and mushroom ravioli. I added some corn to my spaghetti sauce. It was delicious!

Now I am going to go spend some time with my wonderful husband and kitty!

Case of the Mondays

Today I feel like blob. I am quite tired and do not feel like going to work! I don't mean to complain because I really do have a great job, I just want one more day of the weekend... Wouldn't that be nice for everyone?
funny cat pictures & lolcats - 5 more minutes.

Anyways.. I will be posting more this week (a promise to myself) and focusing on staying positive despite a tired Monday morning.
I had a great weekend. Friday night some friends came into town and we grilled and had a few drinks. Saturday was quite lazy but ended well with a trip to a new sushi restaurant on Daniel Island. It was very delicious. It is actually a new location for Wasabi, a popular Charleston sushi restaurant.
Sunday, me and my husband ran our 3.5 miles, per our 10k training plan. It was so sticky-icky outside but we did it. It is my longest run yet! Funny I know but I am getting there!!
Off to have a hopefully wonderful Monday and back to post pictures later!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hump Day!

Happy Hump day! I woke up with a little bit of headache, probably from the wine last night! I knew I needed to drink some water and I would feel better. I made my breakfast as usual:

I had Oikos Greek Yogurt (plain), half of a banana, 3 strawberries, and some wheat and barley nuggets. And of course my coffee! It got me through my busy busy morning. By the time lunch arrived, I was pretty hungry!
Today I had:

A salad with 2 falafel balls, some carrots and broccoli, Israeli couscous and mushrooms. I also had some pita chips and an apple! My drink was a mandarin white tea flavored water. It is something new that I found at the grocery store and it is quite delicious. Twist is the brand and they have several different flavors. Also, they are organic! It is nice to have something a little different during your day. Unfortunately I do have to eat my lunch at my desk... it is a horrible situation and I hate it but when you work in a CRAZY busy spinal practice.. you have to eat in a hurry sometimes (or all the time).

Now I am off to do some running/sprints!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What a crazy day at work! It was just nonstop all day long. Those days always go by very quickly but I am so tired by the end of it. Lunch was gobbled down rather quickly when I had a few minutes of quiet. I had a salad with fresh veggies and tempeh! It was quite delicious. I had a pear as well. Tonight we are going to dinner at Al Di La, which is a Northern Italian Trattoria in Charleston. We have never been but we hear it is wonderful.
When I first committed myself to healthy eating (really not that long ago!), I found it difficult to watch my co-workers eat take-out for lunch while I ate my healthy wrap or salad. But honestly, now.. I do not envy them at all. I will occasionally sneak a french fry but overall, I know how much better my food is for my body and I truly enjoy it.
Today is stretching and strengthening day for my 10K training so I need to get to it before our dinner reservations!


I realized last night that if I really want to have a blog.. I actually have to post something!! I feel that my life has been very crazy recently.. Training for my first (real) 10k (I did one back when I was about 15 but I did not take it seriously so I am not counting that one), focusing on eating healthy and learning all I can in the process, and working my full time job. Not to mention spending some quality time with my oh so wonderful husband.
Last night for dinner we had butternut squash ravioli mixed with mushroom ravioli. It was so delicious. I believe it was my husbands favoriteMeatless Monday meal so far.
This morning I prepared my usual breakfast:

It consists of Oikos Greek Yogurt, MaraNatha Almond Butter,homemade granola, and today some strawberries and apple chunks. I mix it together and it looks something like this..

I stir it up before I eat it and it keeps me satisfied for hours, or until lunch!
I look forward to posting a lot more and dedicating myself to this. Hope to have a great Tuesday!! :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Veggie Burritos and Dead Camera Batteries

Well today I set out ready to start documenting my eating and running journey and realized my camera battery is dead! Poor planning...
It is charging now though. I am currently reading The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan and I have to say it is quite eye-opening. I strongly recommend it to everyone.
I also have a 2.5 mile run planned for today. Hopefully I will be able to get some pictures up later today as well.
I think the hardest thing for my training is getting the motivation to go out and run when I have already worked a full day. I do not see myself getting up any earlier though!
Last night for dinner, I made Veggie Burritos. It was Meatless Monday in this house! Last week I made tofu and my husband hated it!! So this week I tried to come up with something a bit more satisfying to his appetite. I simply used:
  • brown rice
  • black beans
  • corn
  • jalapenos
  • salsa
  • mushrooms
I also sprinkle a little cheese on it as well! They were quite delicious! I will have to make them again.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Beginning of Wonderful Thing

I have decided to start a blog all about my journey down a healthier path. I just started training for a 10K and beginning to really care about what food
I put in my body. I absolutely love food and want to eat what will be best for my one and only body!
I will begin to post pictures of my food and any other exciting photos from my training experience.
Stay tuned.. it is the beginning of a wonderful thing!